Salk Lake City  team


Joe Nagle
Program Director


Joe has been seeking real adventure since he was young. He followed a friend to a Boy Scout meeting and never looked back. He was able to find a community and he began to dream of bigger things. As a young man, the boy scouts gave Joe access to climbing, biking, skiing, and traveling in the wilderness. But more importantly, Joe found passion around value systems including integrity, honor, and serving others. 


It also introduced him to his life’s passion. Teaching and team building is where Joe feels like he can be his authentic self. The Scouts gave him a place to explore those skills. He was eventually given the opportunity to build his own challenge course. One of his proudest accomplishments. 


Like many Pacia Life students, Joe’s college path was indirect at first. He explored a career in arboriculture among others before finally finishing his degree in Outdoor Education from Black Hills State University. `South Dakota will always hold Joe’s heart as his favorite home. 


Dan engel
Life Coach


Dan specializes in working with non-neurotypical populations by bringing high levels of empathy and creativity to the table when addressing the needs of an individual’s unique neurology. Dan is passionate about fitness and all of the many adventure activities that Salt Lake City, Utah has to offer.

Dan Engel has over 600 trail days as a wilderness therapy guide and was awarded the Jumping Mouse award for excellent guiding at the 2014 Wilderness Therapy Symposium.


Tasheena Stephenson Academic Specialist, Life Coach

Tasheena Stephenson has a passion for helping, serving and inspiring others. Having obtained specialized training and a certification in Therapeutic Recreation, she has utilized her skills in treatment facilities working with young people with autism, anxiety and anger issues, as well as drug and alcohol addiction since November of 2010. On the other end of the life spectrum, Tasheena has spent nearly two years working with the elderly within a behavioral health setting and in Hospice. She believes being there for ones leaving this world and the families surrounding them, has created a personal light of compassion, understanding, and belief of making the most out of every moment.


Tasheena received her Associates in Business Management and will soon receive her Bachelors in Music Business in 2017. Her motivation and push towards finding her path and expanding knowledge has created a desire for Tasheena to help others with their own academic path, building a path towards self-motivation. Tasheena loves the outdoors and credits her children as her everyday inspiration!


Jose Acevedo
Life Coach


Jose mentored students in Portugal for nearly six months before transferring to Salt Lake City in March of 2020.  

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Jose teaches Spanish to students wanting to study Spanish as a second language.  Jose is very gifted in creative writing and painting. 

Jose loves the study of positive psychology and training the mind to get real-life results.  


Billy Nicola

Executive Director Salt Lake City

COO All Locations

Billy has a long-standing connection to the core principals of Pacia Life. He personally benefited immensely when he was younger by having individuals in his life that coached, mentored, and helped him figure out both who he was, and also who he wanted to become. Though he didn’t know it at the time, those experiences laid the foundation that would lead to an incredible life journey and career path.

Billy graduated college with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, including time spent studying abroad. After working in the corporate world, he desired to find more passion in his work and searched for opportunities to assist others. Before joining Pacia, he started with an entry-level position and eventually was a program manager for several years at the largest outdoor therapeutic company in the nation. Billy’s natural ability to quickly build relationships coupled with his organizational skills and attention to detail make him an incredible asset the Pacia family.


Sohan de valle
ICF Certified Life Coach Yogi 


Having grown up in Puerto Rico, Sohan is fluent in both Spanish and English and has studied French. Her college studies from the Universidad de Puerto Rico in psychology and social sciences also lead her to become a certified International Coach Federation (ICF) Life Coach.  Through her schooling, previous experience, and the Tatori Method allows her to take young adults through a thought-provoking and creative process. Her goal is to inspire them to maximize the personal and professional next chapters of their lives!


Sohan shares, "The things I enjoy most of this life are nature, listening, writing, loving, music, the beach, and Rincón! The quality I enjoy most of my self is my empathy. I am passionate about growing and helping everyone grow every day. 


Allyson Loshin
Life Coach


Allyson is from the San Francisco Bay area. She grew up playing a lot of sports, including water polo, swimming, basketball and soccer. She has always been outgoing and loves meeting new people. Allyson loves to be outside and spend most of her free time exploring in nature. She loves to camp, hike, swim, play softball, rock-climb, and ski. Allyson is very close with her family which is something she is very grateful for.


Allyson states, "I try to surround myself with healthy people who inspire me to be the best version of myself.” Allyson has traveled extensively, some of her favorite places are Turkey, Portugal, Spain, London, Mexico, France, Israel and has been backpacking in Austria. Allyson has worked in recovery since 2014. Her true passion is working with addicts, which stems from her own struggle with achieving sobriety and being in recovery.

Eileen Rojas
Dance, Arts, Music


Eileen helps students interested in the arts of dance and music integrate into the local vibe of Salt Lake City. She has a passion for dance and has been performing and teaching in Salt Lake City, UT since receiving her BFA in Modern Dance in 2004. She also keeps her creative side alive by song writing with her husband Trevor.  (

Eileen Rojas is part of our community network and is an enthusiast of life. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience working with adolescents, families, and adults as a therapist, mentor, social worker, and teacher. She runs her own community based private practice and works with the team from COMPASS COUNSELING & CONSULTING. 

Eileen loves being outdoors and is an avid skier, rock climber, mountain biker, and hiker. If she lived by the sea she would definitely add surfing to that list. Eileen has enjoyed traveling abroad with her husband and spending time visiting her family in Colombia.


Lori Luckart
Life Coach


Lori Luckart is a service-driven coach, youth advocate, ambassador of change, and overall humanitarian, widely known for her personable, consultative approach. With an extensive background in the social justice and human services, she effectively utilizes this expertise in her coaching style, giving her the edge she needs to empower, inspire, and uplift others as much as possible.

Throughout her multifaceted career, Lori has facilitated a multitude of prominent festivals and played key roles in forming mentorship and scholarship programs for youth with various backgrounds. No matter what venture she takes on, helping people pave the road to life transformation is her ultimate passion. She seeks to empower young adults to transition into a happy, healthy, and passion-driven adulthood, inspiring them to become bearers of positive change.


Keith Andrews
Coach & Mentor


Hi, my name is Keith Andrews. I was born and raised in Juneau Alaska. I grew up exploring the mountains, glaciers, and rainforests of Southeast Alaska with a pair of skis, hiking boots, boats, lots of rain gear with contagious happiness and stoke for life in general and the outdoors. ​

For 15 months before starting at Pacia Life, I worked for Aspiro Adventures as an adventure wilderness therapy guide. I took at-risk young adults to all the corners of Utah to learn about themselves and what they have to change in their lives to be a successful functional human in society. My primary responsibility included leading experiential adventure activities designed to promote personal growth outcomes. As a therapeutic adventure guide, I used the power of relationship and solution-focused thinking to create natural conversation and ceremony to guide young adults to make better choices in their lives. 


Trevor Price
Music Industry Coach


Trevor Price is a sound engineer, music coach, has his own band, and the owner of Stone Angel Music Recording Lounge. Stone Angel is a private label studio for world-renowned American Pianist Paul Cardall.  Trevor coaches young adults seeking to develop their music careers.  

As an independently contracted music coach, Trevor will work with Pacia Life students in both a career track or a hobby only track. 

Pacia Students do have to commit to a consistent schedule and work ethic to work with Trevor Price and the Music studio. 

trevor price, utah's best kept secret - blog written by joshua waldron

I have been a fan of Trevor Price for many years now. He has always amazed me with his melodies, lyrics, and most of all the emotion in his performances. He has had somewhat of a difficult musical journey because of his two very distinct writing styles. Its almost like he has two musical faces that constantly argue with each other as to which way to go. In most cases, this problem would cause a musician to produce records that have no theme, no direction, and would likely sound all over the place, but Trevor does not seem to have this problem. Although his records are very different from one another they seem to complement each other.


Ben Brown

Life Coach, Music,

Job and Academic , Remote Coach

Ben has a unique, enlightened style of life coaching that has been developed from a wide variety of industry experience and a diverse educational background. 

Working with young adults since 2000 in a variety of settings, including wilderness therapy, group homes, and residential treatment centers, Ben has a gift for seeing the strengths in others that they can't see in themselves and teaching them how to use those strengths to overcome a variety of problems they may encounter in life. 

Inside of Pacia Life, as a Family Systems Coach and Family Dynamics Specialist, Ben has developed an intricate family coaching system using formal assessments to help young adults, and families get results. It is through the use of these systems in which Ben uses love and intuition to guide him in what is needed at that moment in time for that young adult and the family. 


Michael Krushinsky

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

​Wasatch Fitness Academy

As a kid I played, and hated, team sports. CrossFit was the first exercise experience (outside of running and cycling) that I enjoyed. After several years training and coaching in a few different communities, I realized there was something missing. I wasn’t satisfied with the degree to which CrossFit coaches focused on quality movement, and I didn’t appreciate the always-competitive nature of these gyms. When we opened WFA, the intentions were clear: build quality and then layer on intensity; build cooperation among athletes and competition for each athlete with self; and provide an experience where everyone leaves happy, strong, and moving better than when they came in.


Jess Baird
Life Coach


Jess is a clinically informed life coach in Pacia Life. While based out of Salt Lake City, Jess also helped start-up Pacia Life Boston and Pacia Life Portugal. 


Before coming to Pacia Life, Jess has worked in other therapeutic treatment facilities and has specialties understanding addiction and dual diagnosis challenges.  

Jess has specialized training on DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and incorporates those skills into her life coaching modalities and the Tatori method when appropriate.


While Pacia Life is a life coaching GAP year experience, not a treatment facility, Jess brings additional understanding to clients who may be struggling through college or just normal life experiences.

Jess is also certified in Neuro Pathway Symmetry, a process of doing brain mapping and brain training for peak performance.


Kim Mikesell
Emotional Dog Support Trainer


Kim is an AKC certified evaluator, certified obedience trainer, and certified service and therapy dog trainer. She also serves on the Intermountain Therapy Animals Board of Directors.

Kim also understands the Life Coaching process and the value of capitalizing on the experience of training the dog owner is the real key to success! 

Kim has loved animals all her life but didn’t truly understand what dogs were capable of until a life-changing incident. After becoming involved with drugs, Kim spent some time in prison where everything changed. During her prison stay Kim vowed to turn her life around and earned her AA in psychology, as well as got extremely involved in the dog program and learned to train service and therapy dogs.

This is really where Kim’s love for training dogs flourished and where she realized that she wanted to not only help people but help dogs get second chances too.


Damian Trujillo

Life Coach

Counselor (CSUDC)

Before founding his own specialized recovery center, Damian worked full time with Pacia Life as a Clinically Informed Life Coach. Today, he continues to provide specialized services in partnership with Pacia Life.

You can learn more about Inspiro Recovery by visiting

After spending much of his teenage and young adult years making wrong decisions and suffering because of them, at the age of 30, Damian began to change his life. He began to shift from someone that was addicted to drugs and alcohol that experienced extreme consequences into someone with integrity, values, and morals.

more useful lives.